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Chinese Food Commercial Project

30 Mar

Hello everyone! Today I thought I should share some photos from the time that I had to do a Chinese project. Part of the project was to have some commercials in it and I’m just going to share photos from the hamburger commercial. The burger used in this commercial was from A&W and had two patties… the two patties were important. Anyways enjoy to two photos.

Like my guy makeup? Lots of fun.

Greek Style

23 Mar

Hello everyone! Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of love for Greek food products. I think they are healthy but for the life of me I can’t get over how nasty olives taste. But I have ventured elsewhere there isn’t an olive in sight. Please welcome Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a thicker yogurt compared to the usual runny liquidy yogurt we get in stores. It has more proteins less carbohydrates and lower in sodium. I found it to be really thick and creamy which is a nice change to my usual yogurt. Some things I dislike about this is that it does not provide a lot of calcium compared to regular yogurt.

Be as it may I think I might indulge in Greek yogurt if there are more different flavors.

BTW, the flavour was peach and passionfruit.

Candy Cane Love

2 Dec

Hello everyone! So today I went to the library (to study) and I ended up at my favourite coffee joint. Tim Horton’s. Little did I know they have a new doughnut for the holiday season.

OMG! It’s CANDY CANE!! I feel like I’ve been posting up lots of posts about donuts…

Anyways, so photos of me eating just cause I like to post picture of me up…


14 Sep

Hello everyone! Long time no post. Today I will show you pictures of my dinner. I totally forgot that I was suppose to save some lunch as I have 6:00 classes at night today. Curse myself for being idiotic but luckily I saw my brother today (it was to choose out a birthday gift for me – 5 days!)and he actually bought me dinner (breadsticks!)! He’s so nice! Anyways here are the photos and I will head off to attempt to find my class.

Novelty Item

4 Sep

Hello everyone! I think everyone has those novelty items at home… you know the items that you think you need but not really. These products generally promote popular items such as Pokemon or… Dora the Explorer or they can be products that look like one thing but is another.

The latter type of product is what I got recently.

What looks like a chocolate bar is actually a calculator!! That was pretty exciting and for a dollar who can’t resist. I currently use this calculator to work out how much things will cost me and is in my bag as a portable calculator.

Imagine this scenario:

Prof: Okay everyone please bring out your calculators for the next problem. Dodo what are you doing? Why did you pull out a chocolate bar?

Me: Oh its a real calculator!

Prof: … Everyone please take out real calculators.

Me: But it’s a real calculator!!

Feeling a little reminiscent of Pinnochio.

This is why you’re FAT!

22 Aug

Hi everyone! Wanted to post up a website and something that I myself ate recently (thus this post).

The thing that I ate:

Deep fried oreos… yum… filled with so much fatty goodness I almost felt an artery clogging. That is how great it is. And to introduce other foods that induce the awesome feeling of clogged pores and arteries is this site.


Please take a look at all that yummy food and happy eating to all!

*Please note that no living animals were harmed in the making of this post.

Minty fresh

24 Feb

There is something about mint and chocolate going together so I thought I should celebrate that made in heaven union.

 A Cadbury Pep! Too bad you can’t see the chocolate I ate it all. Heh.

So for blogging today not much happened then the usual and finding out that my midterms are on their way again. Ugh… so for the next 4 days I will just be posting reviews of beauty products. Sorry for those who look forward to regular posts… If it was possible I would post everyday but with University it ain’t possible all the time. I will try to squeeze in time though.