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Beauty Stash: Eyes – Eye Palettes

5 Sep

Hello everyone! Onto everyday palettes that I have that make it easier to use and not as huge as the other palettes that I have.

IMG_1976 IMG_1977

Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes – Wet ‘n Wild Blue Had me At Hello, Comfort Zone, NYX 10 Color Palettes in Strike a Pose, Versus, Secret World, Catwalk, Romance, Maybelline Color Explosion in Caffeine Rush, Revlon Photoready Palette in Bohemian and Metropolitan

IMG_1980 IMG_1984

– Sugarpill Palettes in Sweetheart, Heartbreaker, Burning Heart, Bare Minerals 8.0 Palette, Bare Minerals 4.0 The Truth, MAC All Women Quad

IMG_1994 IMG_1996

– Wet ‘n Wild Trios in I got Good Jeans, Don’t Steal my Thunder, Walking on Eggshells, I dream of Greenie, Silent Treatment, I’m Feeling Retro, Fasio Eyeshadow Quad in PK228, Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow Quad in RD384, Essence Sun Club in Long Beach and South Beach, Nars Duo in Alhambra and Isolde

Total = 28 products

Not too bad but there are a lot of eyeshadows that don’t get used because these eyeshadows are usually tucked away in my drawer.

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

8 Feb

Hello everyone! The Dream Bouncy blushes are finally out in Canada! I was totally ecstatic about it that I picked it up full price (and then promptly had buyers remorse after).

Description: A light fluffy blush just for your perfect Spring face. 05 Fresh Pink is a light blue based pink, and 50 Plum Wine is a darker burgandy blush. On the cheeks both are matte and the swatches were done with 5 (yes five) swipes.

Review: I really liked the idea behind these blushes the texture is very fun to play with and personally I think they are pretty fun product but the bad outweighs the good sadly. Packaging is cute and small thus making storage a little easier with these guys compared to say an NYC Blushable Creme Stick. As for the texture it is a very interesting denser mouse-like product very fun to play with. The staying power is a huge issue out of the two I purchased Plum Wine lasted around 2-3 hours (a normal blush wears around 5-6 hours for me) while Fresh Pink only lasted 1-2 hours. And the pigmentation isn’t that great with these you have to put on  layer and layer of product just to see the color show up on your skin. I have to just say to save your money on these as they are a great product idea but the formulation just fell short. Do Not Recommend.

Cost: $8-11CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I would like to recommend it but the staying power and pigmentation was weak. In the end, I would not recommend it for those looking for pigmented long lasting blushes but those who are looking for a fun product to play with this might be up your alley.

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow

5 Dec

Hello everyone! As promised from Twitter a review on the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream eyeshadows.

Description: Color Tattoos promise 24 hour hold with bold colors and is available in 10 shades. Colors are 02 Tenacious Teal and 10 Fierce & Tangy. Tenacious Teal is a bright teal shade with silver glitter and is very shimmery. Fierce & Tangy is a bright matte orange shade with bits of gold glitter (not very noticable).

Review: Can I just say that I love cream shadows but they crease like no tomorrow on my oily lids? I was tempted not to get these but hey 24 hour hold that’s gotta be some good stuff right? Luckily the product did what it was advertised for lasted for the usual 8 hour shift and beyond! Imagine my surprise when I say that it didn’t budge, move, or crease but by the 8 hour mark the colors were starting to fade (totally acceptable). These are similar to MAC paintpots in terms of packaging. I don’t have MAC paintpots or MakeUp ForEver Aqua Creams so I don’t know how they would compare but I’m very impressed with this product. The creams are very pigmented so a little goes a long way and I will definately be picking up the rest of the line (they had a gorgeous purple and burgandy shade). Overall, a great find from the drugstore.

Cost: $9.99 @ local drugstores and supercenters

Would I recommend this product? I totally would they do promise what they promise and I will definately be picking up more colors from this line.

Review: Maybelline ShineSensational Lipgloss – Watermelon

22 Nov

Hello everyone!

A review today for a pretty good drugstore lipgloss.

Description: Giving you an incredible shine and exceptional great tasting gloss.

Review: This lipgloss tastes like watermelons and is a essentially red jelly gloss. I personally love it as an everyday gloss the formula is light, non sticky, and doesn’t settle into the lip lines. The gloss lasts for about 3-4 hours without eating or drinking so about average for a lipgloss.

Cost: $4-8 CDN @ various drugstores

Would I recommend this product? I totally would it’s a really great everyday gloss and the range of colors is just awesome. I would have picked up more but I got no space for it boo…

Review: Covergirl Lip Perfection in 260 Heavenly

12 Aug

Hello everyone! Oh, pigmented lipstick with other properties?

Product Description: A lipstick that helps heal your lips and make them look perfect in 7 days with pigmented colors. 260 Heavenly is a fresh pink color. This is a cream shade.

Review: I really like this lipstick color and I think it suits my skin tone (yellow) very well. The lipstick was a lot more pigmented then I thought it would be so surprise there. Over the course of 7 days I didn’t notice anything different about my lips if anything they felt even drier than when I started using the lipstick. This lipstick doesn’t have a smooth glide across the lip and I don’t detect any scent from it. Wear time is about 3-4 hours with eating and drinking. Overall, it’s a very nice pigmented lipstick for those on a budget.

Cost: $9-13CDN @ drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this as it is a really good lipstick but would recommend putting balm underneath the lipstick so that your lips don’t feel so dry.

Review: Maybelline Colorsensation Lipstick in 625 Are you Red-dy

3 Aug

Hello everyone! OMG it’s a red lipstick!!

Description: A true red leaning a bit orange but overall a true red lipstick.

Review: Every woman should own at least one red lipstick but finding the right red lipstick is hard to do especially considering undertones and whatnot. With Maybelline’s Are you Red-dy the color is a saturated, pigmented red shade. There is bits of underlying orange but this is mainly a red lipstick. The lipstick slides smoothly across the lips and is pretty long lasting. On me it lasted about 5-6 hours including eating and drinking. There is no scent which is good and I really like the packaging of this; the red makes it easier for me to spot and pick up to use. Overall, a great shade for any skintone.

Cost: $5.99-9.99 @ local drugstore/ supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I totally would it is a nice red to own but I probably won’t repurchase because I don’t wear reds that often.

Review: L’oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

14 Jul

Hello everyone! A review again today this time on a primer which I use quite often.

Review: I really dislike dipping my fingers into this product but it is still a good product. The claim is that it smooths out skin’s imperfection and keeps makeup lasting longer. Good claims and I feel like it does follow through with them. This primer practically covers the large pores on my nose and skin and it has that luxurious feel to it (due to the silicon I presume) and it blends out quite nicely. A little bit does go a long way and luckily it doesn’t have any scents. For lasting power all the foundation and powder that I put on top does seem to last a little longer than usual but not by that much. It only extends the life of my foundation by about 1 hour so not much time. This does help control the oil on my face though. Overall, a pretty solid drugstore face primer.

Cost: $8-16CDN @ your local supermarket or drugstore

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those who have large pores and I won’t be repurchasing as I don’t see that much of a difference in my makeup lasting through the day.