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9 Mar

Yeah… I’m sorry I didn’t post my exciting news yesterday…. so much work to go through before the big event!

So this great event that is happening this weekend is Soba Bowl IV Anime Festival!!!

I’ve never posted anything that I was an anime fan but I’m out of the closet now… I’m a HUGE anime fan! I hope I don’t lose any readers just because I’m an anime fan….

More information on Soba Bowl is that it’s in the fourth year of putting on this event. Their website is currently down so I can only link the Facebook group page.


I used to be an executive member when I went to high school but not anymore… still I’m an advisor which is kinda cool. ^_^

Anyways, I am in artist alley/avenue this year so I get to sell some stuff that I made. These are the things that I have been working on and am going to sell. ^_^

I don’t know if you can tell but it’s a bunch of pencil cases. There are two types that I have with a variety of colors. ^_^ So regular solid color and an asian brocade… man those were expensive to get. But I hope to sell a bunch of them to cover the base costs. ^_^ At least they were fun to make. I also have two Domo-kun pencil cases but I don’t have his face done yet so I can’t take a photo of him… sadly I hope to get him all done. Well off to prepare more for the festival now. So sad that I don’t have that much time left to finish anything. Go fast as possible time!! So glad to get this news off my chest. ^_^

Family day

15 Feb

To celebrate Family day or lack thereof in my family a random photo!


This is my true feelings for some situations at home…. I want to be like Domo-kun and go on a rampage!

But I came across something really interesting today:

Hooray! It’s Super Junior! I loved the fact that Kyuhyun and Donghae joined in this time as well. As usual Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk were hilarious! I especially love the Olympics mention in it even though there is no running event in the winter games. Super fun to watch!

That will be all for today as I did a lot of cleaning and woke up pretty tired and sore from lion dancing. Yeah, the soreness now kicks in.


28 Dec

Wow! It’s been a really long time since I’ve actually posted anything… I totally forgot to take photos of my Christmas presents so I can’t show them sadly. Ah well, I would like to introduce my new boyfriend though. ^_^

Hand-made with love!! Which is kinda why he looks a little weird… making him was quite fun just tiring because my sewing machine doesn’t want to work with me so lots and lots of handsewing… not as fun after a while. But I started on him yesterday and I got him done today. Yay! The pattern said that he would be a medium sized bear and when I look at him now he looks like a large size bear. Haha. I have other things that I have to make over the break or else they won’t ever get done. Other things are his family members… which is another panda bear which is a medium like him and then two small ones; a black and a white one… at least I hope that they are small. ^_^ Papa bear is going to be lonely for a while though… he took up most of my stuffing so I have to go get some more and I need to get the baby cubs eyes.

Other things that I have to finish are Domo-kun’s… and not just one lots of Domo-kun to go around. I semi-finished the seating pillow yesterday I gotta get a sewing machine and sew together the edges so that they look nice instead of edgy and not clean. Still thinking about what to do with the summer dress that my mom gave me… thinking about putting it as a high waist skirt or something like that and then I question how am I going to cut and restructure the thing? Well lots to finish so I’m going to get started. But at least my sewing area is nice and clean now!