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Planning + Studying + Working on a video

7 Mar

Oh… a post so late at night… I should be studying for my Japanese midterm tomorrow but I got so off-track!

Anyways… I finally got an Youtube idea going on through my head and since your first video that you put up on Youtube is very important I decided to start putting together a foundation video. Now there are lots of how to put on your foundation on Youtube already so I really shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing but thing is those people only show one way of many. So I decided to put together a makeup basic foundation routine based on what sort of sources an average person has and which technique is fast or requires some sort  of skills. Not going to go much in depth but I’m going to try to make it as professional as possible so it’s going to take some time…. if I calculate right then it should take about a month to put up that video. Yeah… a month and I’m not going to start filming just yet mainly because I just don’t have time… I now have respects for those people on Youtube who put up a video like everyday… crazy!!

Anyways… the photo of the day…

The question of the day is…  Am I winking or am I blinking?

Winter Wonderland

30 Nov

Winter has come!! I couldn’t resist taking these photos. My friend took one of the photos for me.

The U of A has beautiful places to take photos, thank God I carry my camera with me everywhere. ^_^

Face Structures

30 Nov

There are many different kinds of face structures in the world with lots of combinations but there is seven common facial structures. They are as following

Oval facial structure – This facial structure is considered the ideal facial structure as it is the most symmetrical in appearance. It gives the appearance of balance and symmetry.

Pear-shaped facial structure – This facial structure consists of a narrow forehead, a broad jaw-line and a seemingly wide chin.

Long facial structure – This facial structure consists of a long, narrow face with somewhat hollow looking cheeks.

Square facial structure – This facial structure possess a straight forehead and hairline as well as a seemingly square jaw.

Heart shaped facial structure – This facial structure has a seemingly wide forehead and a narrow chin.

Round facial structure – Not to be mistaken for those individuals with an oval facial structure, this facial structure has both a round hairline and a round chin.

Diamond facial structure – This facial structure has a narrow appearing forehead, wide cheekbones, and a narrow chin.

Source used:



Source: http://www.askrobinwalker.com/files/2127328/uploaded/women_face_shape.jpg

So with this diagram there is more then what was mentioned there are many different combinations of facial structures.

My face structure =


Guess what face structure I have. ^_^