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Cost of Beautification

3 Aug

Ever added up all those bills from makeup counters, department stores, or drugstores?

It is said that the average American woman (I’m going to pretend that this can be applied to Canadian women) spend about $200 – 15000 on cosmetics a year.

I have never put together all my cosmetics purchases in a year but I can definately tell you that I do spend quite a bit on makeup, nails, and tools. The range where the costs would fall in would be about $200 – 700 a year. I’m not a HUGE brand name buyer (nor do I plan to be one) so I usually end up spending most of my money on drugstore makeup and trying out different drugstore variety items. The only things that I get from department stores are face products and sometimes an eye product (gel liner from Clinique or MAC). But I generally stay away from higher end makeup because I know I won’t be able to afford it AND I would be really scared to use it.

Here’s to saving up money for makeup!

Review: Clinique Brow Powder

20 Jul

OMG! It’s a department store makeup brand! How can that be?! You never review department store products. Well now I am mainly because now I have the means to go shopping at department stores (but not that often so don’t expect them too much). Clinique is one of the lower end department stores cost wise for their makeup and MAC is also in that range. It’s a lot better than spending $30 for a brow powder from Estee Lauder or Dior.

Review: Clinique is well-known for their 1-2-3 skincare system (which I am too chicken to try) but not much is known about their makeup. I was in the market for a brow powder and this struck out as something I would love to try and it’s my first product that I bought from Clinique. The shade that I picked up was shaping taupe which is a little too brown for my liking but works with my brows. It works alright as a brow powder not that much pigmentation which is good in a brow powder you don’t want really strong brows (they have to look natural). The problem that I have with this is when you are picking up the powder with your brush not much gets on it… it’s bizarre no matter how many times you wipe your brush across the product it never seems to pick up any more product.

Cost: $19.50CDN

Would I recommend this product? This is an okay product but not the best of brow products out there. I would not recommend (did you say not recommend?!) this product as it was mediocre. Save your money and get some better brow powder from a drugstore or pick up a MAC eyeshadow that would suit your eyebrow colour (yes eyeshadow can be used as a brow powder).

A little late but…

3 Mar

I went hauling with my mom last Fri and these were the things that we got. So much stuff to do so I ended not posting it up until now.

 So mainly Shiseido stuff… a mattifying moisterizer, lipstick and blotting paper… Oxy looks so out of place…

But the lipstick that I used for my Nightime Foxy Look is this lipstick sample that I got. A really nice cream sheen from Shiseido and it matched the pigmentation of my lips too! I want to buy one but two things currently stop me 1. it comes out in March and 2. it is $30 CDN…. I don’t know if it’s worth it or not but I’m just going to do some more research on the prices of these things to see if it is reasonably priced for a department store lipstick.

If only I could haul every week but that would be really impossible financially and time-wise as well.

Back to studying….