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Delicious Crispness

16 Oct

Hello everyone! So I have a post on food. I rarely eat out so when I do I like to take pictures of my food. So today’s food is New York Fries.

I like putting ketchup as a little minions looking up to the big boss. Anyways, New York Fries are absolutely crispy and delicious!

This is why you’re FAT!

22 Aug

Hi everyone! Wanted to post up a website and something that I myself ate recently (thus this post).

The thing that I ate:

Deep fried oreos… yum… filled with so much fatty goodness I almost felt an artery clogging. That is how great it is. And to introduce other foods that induce the awesome feeling of clogged pores and arteries is this site.


Please take a look at all that yummy food and happy eating to all!

*Please note that no living animals were harmed in the making of this post.

Raising the Bar

31 Mar

Ever seen one of these guys around?

Yeah, a breakfast bar for those on the go… people like me who have no time for breakfast…

I think it’s a great idea but man, what the heck are in these things??

All I could taste was sugar, sugar, and more sugar… and sometimes oats but mainly sugar. Is the sugar there to help keep the bar together or is it meant to put me into a sugar induced hyper state?? Still it was yummy…

I would eat it if I had to but… I would prefer not to eat it as much… too much sugar!! I felt like I was going to go into a sugar shock or something.

Anyways, this bar sure indeed rose the bar (of my blood-sugar levels that is).