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Darn the Interweb

2 May

Yeah, I’m cursing my internet connection. Due to it I couldn’t update anything on my blog… so sad…   =o=

I got to watch this movie yesterday… hooray!

Finally got around to watching this movie yesterday. And man it was quite entertaining the characters were definately cute and unique. I liked the storyline and it’s a great movie for kids (and those for kids at heart like me) I think that there could have been more character development and the development of the friendship between the monsters but that’s just me… I like character development.

But that will be all today… I broke out again due to not healthy eating…. so painful. >o<

Still snowing…

5 Dec

Still snowing… sometimes I curse Alberta weather. This is just way too much snow at once. But I saw interesting things like my neighbor who can’t get out because his front porch is filled with snow. By the time I got home there was like a little hole so that he could get out. I should have taken a picture of it but I forgot to.
Not much today other than the kid’s belt grading, no Viet class, lots of travelling around, and watching the Letter from Iwo Jima. Which was an awesome movie by the way. So I am back to studying….

Darn it all…