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Various food outings

22 Feb

Hello everyone! A random post today and it’s all food-related items… anyways, enjoy the shots below!

Making Cupcakes

25 Feb

Hello everyone! I thought that I would share with you my journey with prepared cake batter… I usually just make my cakes from scratch but this was a first as I was bent for time and didn’t want to spend 2 hours on a cake that I usually do. So it was cake mix… which turned out good but I don’t think it was the best that I could have done. Anyways, here are the photos:

A little plain but I wasn’t going for looks more like gobble down and eat it.

Rub my Tum Tum

9 Apr

I am going to talk about something UBER delicious… CUPCAKES!!!
I made some yesterday just for my Japanese class mainly due to our skit which was a reenactment of Food Network shows borrowing inspiration from Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef America and other similar cooking challenge shows.

Here’s what they look like:

As you can see a very well done cupcake if I do say so myself. Today has been a fun day but now it is time to study hard for finals. So not that many posts will be up for the next two to three weeks as I will be concentrating on my studies but I will attempt to try and update as best as I can.

The weather has been absolutely horrible lately… curse Alberta weather it’s like winter outside… there’s even snow on the ground!