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Review: Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Hot Plum

26 Mar

Hello everyone! A new lipstick line from Maybelline and when I went to the store to pick them up the display was really empty… but I managed to pick up one! I will be searching around for the others but please bear with me for this one.

IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1390 IMG_1429

Description: A purple based pink with a creamy finish.

Review: I actually was expecting this shade to be a bit more purple but it is still a really nice berry pink shade to wear. Compared to the other shades in the range Hot Plum isn’t extremely bright but is still a statement lipstick that is different from all the hot pinks and oranges available on the market now. The texture is extremely creamy and has very strong pigmentation. Since the pigmentation is really strong the lipstick sticks around for some time after it worn off. Average wear time for myself was 2-3 hours without drinking or eating and the stain lasted throughout the rest of the day. I detected no scent from this lipstick. Overall, a great lipstick and a fun different shade to wear.

Cost: $ 7-9CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product?


Review: Joe Fresh Highlighter Quad

16 Jan

Hello everyone! A Christmas present review today I hope that these are still available for purchase at Superstores/Loblaws across the country.

Description: A highlighter quad with four shades of highlighting shades that work with every skintone. The shades are a basic white pearl, a light pink with pearl, golden with pearl, and a bright coral with gold pearl.

Review: I really like this product despite the fact that it is really really hard to open the compact in the morning. It’s good since the product remains fresh on the inside but not good because I have to struggle with it every morning when I use it. The colors are not very pigmented but add a very nice shine to the skin (as a highlighter should) I foresee myself using the gold and bright coral shade more in the summer but technically all these shades can be used around anytime of the year. I especially found that the coral shade is warming to the complexion and works with cool and warm undertones. The creams are creamy and apply well to the skin but wear time isn’t that long only 4 hours then they aren’t seen as well as when you first apply it. They blend easily and just feel very weightless on the skin. Overall, I think that this quad of highlighting goodness is a great pick from the drugstore. Pick it up while you can because it’s apparently a limited edition product from Joe.

Cost: $15CDN @ Real Canadian Superstores/Loblaws

Would I recommend this product? I would it is a great highlighting quad, it’s a great multitasking product and works very well. I foresee myself using it quite a bit (though if I actually do or not we’ll have to see).