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Airated Fish

25 Jul

Hello everyone! I found an interesting snack at T&T and thought I’d share with you guys.

It’s airated!! Like an Aero chocolate bar but hard and cookie like with a melon flavor. It was pretty good and I was pretty happy as it was on sale. ^-^ Great day for sure!

Oh… cookies…

5 Apr

Yes… today’s post is about cookies…. random I know but I got some really good cookies from my friend a few days ago and finally got around to finishing the thing.

Here’s what it looks like:

As you can see from the packaging these cookies are from Korea. Hooray for other country cookies. It’s funny because on the packaging it says that the cookie idea originated from France.
This cookie tasted like a normal sugar cookie with not that much sugar and had a slight almond taste to it.

Overall, a bunch of very yummy cookies.