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Review: Benefit Trio – Benetint, Posietint, High Beam

17 Feb

Hello everyone! A sample set that I got from Sephora I am now finally reviewing. It’ll be done altogether so that it makes my life a little easier.

Description: A trio of Benefit’s best selling cheek and lip stains. Benetint a red liquid stain, Posietint a light pink liquid/cream stain, and High beam is a silver pink based highlighting cream. All were swatched with one swipe.

Review: Benefit is known for creating really great face products and I’m curious about other products that are in their line. The packaging is nice, it’s in nail polish style and can make putting on products more accurate than with a brush or just fingers. I can’t get over the fact that when you are close to finishing the product there still will be some left at the bottom of the container. And the cincher is that you have absolutely no way to get all the leftover product leaving money to waste. But it’s not like Benefit will change their packaging but a pet peeve of mine.
I’ve never worked with a liquid cheek stain before so this was an interesting experience. Benetint is a liquid cheek stain so I had some difficulties first while applying it but found that doing one cheek at a time helped getting the right amount of product that I wanted. It gives a very natural flush to the cheeks and lasted all day (a full 8 hours and more) with little product wearing away. I really like it but I’m not planning to purchase it due to the fact that it stains my fingers when I blend it. -.-‘
Posietint is very similar to a liquid cream blush it’s thicker than Benetint and is a bit more pigmented. I personally think that it looks like a thickened version of strawberry milk. But still blends easier on the cheeks and just gives a really nice flush to the cheeks. I have acne scars left on my cheeks but it didn’t emphasize them at all (a nice plus) and the staying power is a little less than Benetint only around the 8 hour mark there is a bit of fading but it’s still noticeable. This one also stains the fingers but not as much as Benetint.
For both Benetint and Posietint both can be used on the lips and I found that Benetint works better than Posietint on the lips. Benetint stays on for quite sometime without fading while Posietint did nothing on the lips ( I think it just blended itself in with your lip pigmentation). Both are VERY drying on the lips though so I don’t use them on the lips that often but it’s a nice option to have.
High beam does not work with my skintone sadly. It’s shows up very silvery and to my skin it just doesn’t look very natural. I found that High beam was very goopy compared to Posietint and Benetint and it just was something I probably won’t be purchasing at all. If you have yellow/olive skintones I would not recommend this as it just doesn’t match with your skintone but clashes with it (could be the pinky undertone). Though as a brow highlighter it isn’t as obnoxious as it is on the cheeks. Blendability is great it just blends a lot easier than both Posietint and Benetint (could be because of the texture).
Overall, these are great but I won’t be purchasing full-sized products due to the packaging but I am really glad that I got to try out the sample sizes before commiting to full-sized products.

Cost: $12CDN @ sephora.com

Would I recommend this product? For those who are curious about Benefit’s best seller go right ahead the price is right for a set of three and the sample just lasts forever!

Review: L’oreal HIP Duo in 114 Adventurous

8 Feb

Hello everyone! I love me pink eyeshadows in the Spring time it just gets you up in the morning and why not start it off with a really pigmented shadow?

Description: A duo of highly pigmented shades made for your “adventure”. A light shimmery champagne with brown undertones and a bright daffodil pink with slight shimmer.

Review: My gosh I knew that this was going to be intensely pigmented but looking how pigmented this is I couldn’t believe my eyes. A gorgeous duo especially for the summer and it works pretty well for an everyday shadow. Both shades are highly pigmented and go on very smoothly on the lid. Blending the shades is so easy they aren’t as buttery smooth as MAC shadows but the pigmentation is to die for. The pink side can actually be used as a blush and works great as well staying power is around 4-5 hours (which is good on my oily skin). I cannot think of anything bad about these other than the bulky packaging but there is nothing else to complain about these. These are a great addition to you makeup collection and I would highly recommend these shadows!

Cost: $7-13CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I really would for those who love the brights and neutrals together the shades are really nice for an everyday look. Those afraid of color please don’t pick this up you’ll regret it!

Review: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectorant

10 Jan

Hello everyone! A must have for dry Canadian weather for me especially since we’ve had a weird winter… but it was really windy today and this product came handy.

Description: (taken off the packaging) Smoothes and softens skin. Protects agains and helps alleviate symptoms of chapping, peeling, and windburn due to dryness from exposure from the elements.

Review: I want to mention why I bought this product even though you don’t get much for the price (50 mL). The cream was purchased because I am once again using Tretinoin/Vitamin A cream which essentially allows the skin to exfoliate faster and due to the faster exfoliation I get lots of dead skin cells still attached to my skin but doesn’t want to come off. Leaving these weird white hanging things off my face (my mom once thought I had a white beard). So this cream has helped with the hanging dead things by temporarily glueing it back together with my normal skin. But I digress so let’s get going on the review.
This has a really intense herbal scent I couldn’t stand it the first time I used it but now I’m all like meh. But warning to those who are sensitive to scents this is REALLY strong. The packaging is very classy (as expected of Elizabeth Arden I suppose) though when you finish up a tube you gotta cut open the tube to get everything out (stuff this expensive needs to be used ALL up). The texture is like thick vaseline that takes some time to spread evenly across your face. I use a little bit to spread across my face and put more on areas that are flaking extremely bad. This does not work well under makeup but it works nicely on top of makeup (the sticky base just makes everything stick and not blend very well). I really like this product for living up to it’s claims. Overall, this has made my life a lot nicer without having to worry about people seeing dead flaky skin.

Cost: $25CDN @ Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique or any counters within The Bay or Sears or online

Would I recommend this product? I would for those who live in cold climates and those who are suffering from dry flaky skin.

Review: ELF Blush and Bronzing Duo

22 Dec

Hello everyone! Man, I am so sorry for all these posts. It’s a bit crazy at my house so posting these will put some pressure off me and keep me occupied for some time.

Description: A blush and bronzer duo similar to the NARS duo in Orgasm and Laguna. The blush is a light pink shade with gold glitters, and the bronzer is a dark brown with gold glitters (luckily not too noticeable).

Review: Could I just ask who actually owns the NARS duo in Orgasm and Laguna? A lot of you? Well I don’t have the duo but whispers on the internet says that the shades are similar as well as the packaging. Personally I’m not a huge fan of blushes with glitters in it but this blush doesn’t show that much glitter on my skin. Same thing goes for the bronzer as I mainly use bronzer to contour but the glitters don’t show up that much on my skin which is nice. I don’t have to worry about reflecting light off as much to the point where I can be a glitter bomb. Wear time is pretty good about 6 hours on my skin (it’s oily but lately it’s been dry due to the weather). I really like this product and it does work to multitask which is great. The packaging is nice and sturdy and the big mirror included is really nice. Overall, I’m going to join the legions of people who absolutely adore this blush and bronzer duo.

Cost: $3USd @ eyeslipsface.com

Would I recommend this product? I would as it is a great everyday blush color and the bronzer works well and who can’t resist the fact that it’s a NARS dupe.

Review: ELF Beauty Eye Manual – Brights Edition

22 Dec

Hello everyone! I saved the best for last the bright colors!!!

Description: A 12 color palette with bright, fun colorful eyeshadows! Shade descriptions are from left to right (top to bottom) Row 1 has a glittery silver white, shimmery golden champagne, glittery, gold pink, shimmery tan; Row 2 has a silver tone gold, a shimmery mid-tone green, a shimmery turquoise blue, a matte red based brown; Row 3 has a glittery blue based white, a shimmery bright purple, a shimmery dark rust/burgandy, and a shimmery silver speckled black. All shades were swatched with one swipe.

Review: Can I just say that I love bright colors but don’t dare to wear them? Well I can just can’t say no to bright colors so this palette has found a home for me (I foresee myself using this palette a lot during the summer months). The packaging is well meh as per usual for the other palettes as well. As for the eyeshadows I found the pink shade to be really crumbly so it’s super soft and that just makes it really hard to work with. But other than the pink shade all the other shadows were smooth, pigmented and very blendable. Wear time without primer is about 4 hours but with primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion) it lasted for 8-9 hours. Overall, a great colorful palette to play and have fun with.

Cost: $5USD @ eyeslipsface.com

Would I recommend this product? I totally would based on the colors and who doesn’t need bright eyeshadows in their life? The pink shade is a shade that I can forgive for being difficult to work with as the other eyeshadows are of excellent quality. Two thumbs up for this palette.

Review: Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 110 Keep a Secret

5 Aug

Hello everyone! A gloss review today and I picked up this shade because I was looking for a basic everyday lipgloss.

Product Description: A gloss that give you the ultimate shine and makes your lips look poutier. 110 Keep a secret is a light pink shade with silver microshimmers.

Review: This gloss gives you a really nive shine on your lips and they have the same scents as the Lasting finish lipsticks which is vanilla cupcake. The lasting power of this isn’t that great it only lasts on your lips for about an hour max and that’s without eating and drinking but I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day due to the low cost. The gloss glides on smoothly and the doe foot applicator fits just nicely with my lips. I think this is a great basic gloss that everyone should have in their bag. Definately would love to pick up more shades in this gloss range.

Cost: $5-9CDN in drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I would really recommend this product and would purchase other shades. It works great as an everyday gloss.

Review: Too Faced Beauty Balm in Watermelon

13 Jul

Hello everyone! A Too Faced product review today… one of two (ahah I only have two Too Faced products). Hopefully this review is helpful.

Review: This is a tinted lip balm essentially in a pot format. Too Faced is known for their cute and vintage packaging and this does not disappoint it’s so cute! I dislike dipping my fingers into products but I make an exception for this as the color gives the lips a nice flush of color (rosey pink on the lips with shimmer). It is extremely moisturizing and wear for quite some time (approximately 3-4 hours without eating and drinking). The batch that I got somehow does not smell nor taste like Watermelon that I was expecting instead it has a scent of burnt plastic mixed with a bit of watermelon. Another unfortunate thing is that these are not available instore nor does it exist on Too Faced’s site thus you can either purchase it off allcosmeticswholesale.com or any other online store. Which means shipping costs is going to jack the price up from the usual $11 or not.

Cost: $5.99USD @ allcosmeticswholesale.com, Original price $11USD

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those who are willing to purchase this item online but for those who aren’t willing to pay for ridiculous shipping prices or are germ-o-phobes then it’s not a product that you need to get.