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Closet Space

11 Jan

Hello everyone! I am back with a picture of my closet.

Yes there is a magnet stating ”If stress burned calories I’d be a Supermodel”.

I wonder if I have too much clothes or if it’s just my sister’s clothes. But I will be cleaning out the closet soon after I rearrange the clothes in my side of the dresser.

So quick question: The clothes that you don’t wear anymore or don’t fit do you keep them or give them away/donate them? (I think I’m guilty of buying clothes I think will fit but totally don’t fit and I think I will eventually lose enough weight to wear them. In reality I have a large bone structure so I won’t be able to fit into it even if I was skinnier…).

Becoming eco-friendly: Home Edition

2 Sep

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my family just recently purchased a new set of washing and drying machines!

So excited about them as they are considered a little more eco-friendly then the kind that my family was using before.

Bonus was that since I live in Canada there was a rebate of $175 which saves a little bit but in about 2 years we will see a big difference in the cost of water.

Those who are curious about the rebate please go to the following website:


Frilly Goodness

17 Aug

Do you ever wish to wear frilly girly clothes like a princess? Clothes like these?

I did and that was how I got introduced into the world of Lolita clothing. I want to wear pretty clothes too! Not clothes like these everyday:

(Like the model pose?)

Well a girl can always dream… or I can make one myself… now that’s a thought.