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Review: Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake

21 Dec

Hello everyone! A review again today… it will be a review day… everyday!! Anyways, these lipsticks are pretty well reviewed in the Youtube beauty community so hope you don’t mind me adding in my thoughts on this.

Description: Buttery smooth lipsticks with a perfect amount of pigmentation. Strawberry Shortcake is a light pink shade with tiny sliver shimmers it is not very detectable on the lips.

Review: Could I just say how impressed I am with this formula. It has that perfect texture of a balm smoothing over the lips very nicely but the pigmentation is awesome. They sort of remind me of Clinique Chubby sticks (which I absolutely adore) and Dior Addikt lipsticks. I know what your thinking “Comparable to Dior Addikt lipsticks get out of here”. But they are very same in terms of formula and the pigmentation is absolutely lovely. Revlon lip butters are more pigmented than both Dior and Clinique based on one swipe across the lips. There is no noticeable scent which is great and I try not to eat lipstick so I can’t comment on the taste of this lipstick. Packaging is well done and has a similar quilted design like the Colorburst line. Overall this is a great buy from the drugstore and I will be off to go find some more!

Cost: $6.49 – 11.49CDN @ local drugstore and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I totally would these have an amazing formula and they are very comparable to Dior Addikts lipstick line. I would buy more if they aren’t all out of stock everywhere I go.