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Christmas Wishlist

20 Dec

Hello everyone! So last year I posted up a Christmas wishlist and I thought I would do it again even though it’s kinda late and everyone I know has already purchased presents for me but I still wanted to put this up. I’ve spread this out considering my tastes in many different fields.

1. Socks. I am a HUGE sock fan so any type of new sock designs or cute socks I am all over it. It’s like my kryptonite.

2. An awesome keyboard like this one from ThinkGeek.com.

3. Make Up Forever Set from Sephora. Enough said it’s an awesome deal.

HD Complexion Starter Kit ($109 Value)

4. Martha Stewart Circle Cutter. It’s been on my wishlist for some time now but no one wants to get it for me…

5. The third installment of the Professor Layton series I have the first two and the new one that was released in October (The Last Spectre). I need to make a complete set!!

And the last thing that I would like is… a Starbucks gift card. I see my sister use hers all the time and would really like one with a cool design.

So what is on your guys’ wishlists?