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Review: Annabelle Smoothliners

1 Mar

Hello everyone! A Canadian brand review today it always makes me excited to see drugstore Canadian companies on my blog.

Description: Long-lasting waterproof eyeliner with rich pigmentation and a super awesome formula. The shades are Black (basic black), Brownie (basic brown), Meteorite (navy blue), and Jade (dark green).

Review: First off, I just want to say that my eyes are extremely oily even waterproof/longlasting eyeliners have difficulty staying on my eyes. So I tested this using primer and without primer for a full 8 hour work day. Let’s just say that without primer it smudged by the 6th hour (hey that’s pretty long-lasting right?) and with primer lasted the full 8 hours. Hooray it lasts throughout the day! The claims of waterproof is true but only if you don’t rub your eye you won’t end up like a panda if you do hello there panda. All the shades I picked up were very very pigmented and the texture is just so smooth. They all glided on like butter across nice warm corn on the cob. Unfortunately, Annabelle is only available in Canada so those overseas will have no choice but to make friends with Canadians, travel here or search on E(vil)Bay. Overall, I really really love these liners and if you are ever in Canada feel free to pick them up!

Cost: $6-8CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? These eyeliners are great for everyday and the texture is to die for! Those overseas feel free to make friends with a Canadian or travel here yourself.

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

8 Feb

Hello everyone! The Dream Bouncy blushes are finally out in Canada! I was totally ecstatic about it that I picked it up full price (and then promptly had buyers remorse after).

Description: A light fluffy blush just for your perfect Spring face. 05 Fresh Pink is a light blue based pink, and 50 Plum Wine is a darker burgandy blush. On the cheeks both are matte and the swatches were done with 5 (yes five) swipes.

Review: I really liked the idea behind these blushes the texture is very fun to play with and personally I think they are pretty fun product but the bad outweighs the good sadly. Packaging is cute and small thus making storage a little easier with these guys compared to say an NYC Blushable Creme Stick. As for the texture it is a very interesting denser mouse-like product very fun to play with. The staying power is a huge issue out of the two I purchased Plum Wine lasted around 2-3 hours (a normal blush wears around 5-6 hours for me) while Fresh Pink only lasted 1-2 hours. And the pigmentation isn’t that great with these you have to put on  layer and layer of product just to see the color show up on your skin. I have to just say to save your money on these as they are a great product idea but the formulation just fell short. Do Not Recommend.

Cost: $8-11CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I would like to recommend it but the staying power and pigmentation was weak. In the end, I would not recommend it for those looking for pigmented long lasting blushes but those who are looking for a fun product to play with this might be up your alley.

Review: Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush

2 Feb

Hello everyone! Here is the other portion of the review: the blush!

Description: A endorphin releasing scent of violets to calm you for a day’s work. The shade is rose a bright pink when swatched.

Review: The have to say that Physician’s Formula have really stepped up their game but the step up in prices just makes my wallet cry (luckily there are sales). I got the shade Rose in the two pack that I bought. It is extremely pigmented thus a lighter hand is needed when applying this blush to the cheeks. Texture is very smooth but as with the bronzer it feels a little bit tightly pressed into the pan making it hard to pick up some product and when you do pick up it’s a little too much. I think the shade is very universally flattering it suits those with yellow, neutral and pink undertones so anyone of any shade can enjoy this blush. Overall, I think that this blush is definately way better than the bronzer and would recommend you pick this up on sale it’s not worth the high price tag especially here in Canada.

Cost: $13-17CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? Since the blush is better in pigmentation and wear time then the bronzer I say that this is a definite must for those who love cute makeup.

Nintendo 3DS Release date

21 Jan

Hello everyone! So I have confirmed a release date for the Nintendo 3DS even though I won’t be picking it up anytime soon. The release date is Mar. 27, 2011 in Canada! Something to look forward to the cost is going to be $249.99USD I believe. Available colors are Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black pictured below Aqua Blue. Also you can preorder it at Gamestop.com.

Anyone going to pick up this bad-boy?

Is it me or has the prices of each successful generation of the DS increase in price? Lite – $129.99, DSi – $169.99, and DSi XL – $189.99. Hmmm upwards trends!

Beauty Intro: Quo Cosmetics

14 Jul

Introducing another Canadian cosmetics brand! Hooray for Canada! This line is exclusive to Shoppers Drug mart and the pricing is mid-tone range (just like Physician’s Formula). I like some of the products from this line and they even have brushes available. A statement from the line:

“Quo is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive line of colour cosmetics and cosmetic accessories. All Quo products are developed from an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation that consistently delivers a contemporary core assortment and the must have colours products for the season.”

 A promo for a previos fall collection:

For more information on what products are available please visit:


Beauty Intro: Annabelle Cosmetics

26 Apr

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Beauty Intro category so today’s company is Annabelle Cosmetics.

From their website:

” A bit of a rebel, a natural trend-setter, edgy and incredibly versatile. Annabelle is the one with the latest and trendiest shades that make us want to rush out and get the look. Colour is her instrument of change, letting her reinvent her style and makeup to suit her ever-changing moods, from goddess to rock star to fashion diva! She is daring and bold and demands the same from her makeup brand, a perfect combination of glamour and efficiency.

Driven by its passion for fashion-forward looks, Annabelle Cosmetics collaborates with internationally renowned makeup artist Julie Bégin. She has worked for influential and trend-setting magazines such as W and Vogue, and stars such as Madonna and Alanis Morissette. She now contributes to the brand through her expertise and talent and injects her own special modern perspective. Incredibly versatile, she is just as comfortable lending her artistic talents to creating a highly colourful or dramatic face as she is applying the newest trends or the most glamorous and sophisticated looks. She is passionate about her freedom for expression, which she instils to the Annabelle product range.

Since 1999, Annabelle Cosmetics has been part of the Groupe Marcelle, the Canadian leader in drugstore brand cosmetics with some 2,000 points of sale across the country. ”

Sounds like a great company right? Sorry for those who live outside Canada but they only sell their products in Canada.

Some of their products that I personally love are the concealer quad, custom quads, blushes, and all their eyeliners.

A promo poster for their bold colors with loose shadows:

Website: http://www.annabellecosmetics.ca/


10 Apr

We have a lot of space here in Canada and it’s all great but while I was teaching our morning karate class today all the kids were clumped together. Here’s an analogy us teachers like to use:

Cheerios in a Bowl!! or:

Sardines in a can!!

Hooray for analogies… anyways, just wanted to know what do you guys think about the personal space that you get??

I love my space but I can also live with being squished together like they do in Asia.