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21 Dec

Hello everyone! So as you’ve noticed there is a bunch of reviews up and such. I feel like I need to get these reviews out of the way and done so that I can start the New Year all nice and ready to go and continue onwards with beauty items and blog related things. So there is going to be a bunch of reviews posted daily until Dec 31 I am also going to attempt to put at least one type of blog related post in as well to try and balance out the reviews and blog posts.

Hope you guys enjoy the next few days I’ll be on constant write-up though.

Man I hope that smile isn’t as awkward as it looks…


22 Mar

Giggity. ^_^ Another blog… it’s been a while or seems like its been a while. Other than letting people know about the new Nintendo DSi XL coming out. There isn’t much going on today other than the fact that it snowed outside… can’t show you that because its all melted by now. I should start carrying my camera around once again.

But there is still a photo for today’s post.

Like the new layout?