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Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

26 Apr

Hello everyone! A BB Cream review today as there is an ongoing hype around BB creams in North America I’ll start with this BB cream.

IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1540

Description: Claims as the 8-in-1 Skin perfector which will blur imperfections, brightens, evens skin tone, smoothes, hydrates, enhance, and protects skin with SPF 30.  Plus there is NO oils and synthetic ingredients. (all of this was written on the back of the tube)

Review: BB creams are magical products and they are wonderful all in one products that just make putting on makeup everyday more enjoyable and quicker. I have experienced Korean BB Creams and they are very different from the North American released BB creams. North American BB creams have a tendency to be tinted moisturizers and there is nothing wrong with the product they just label it differently and there isn’t as much benefits from the BB cream compared to an Asian BB cream. But putting that debate aside here are my thoughts on the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.
I really enjoy using this everyday as it is not as heavy on the skin as foundation but it still feels like something on the skin (if that makes any sense). This does not have a lot of coverage *correction does not have any coverage at all. But it does give the skin a nice dewy look that can be easily mattified by powder. The texture is a light gel-like feeling and glides smoothly across the skin with no skipping. As for the claims it does help brighten the skin a bit but I haven’t noticed that my skin tone has been improving. I would call this more of a tinted moisturizer than a BB cream. Wear time was actually quite long it can last on my face for a full 8 hours when set with powder either that or because it’s so sheer I don’t even notice it even if it disappeared off my face. Overall, I feel this a great tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 for an everyday purpose.

Cost: 8-12CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I love that this has an SPF 30 unlike others on the market and is pretty good for a BB cream so a definate recommend for those looking for a good BB cream texture and not too much coverage. I would repurchase this mainly due to the SPF factor and that it does last some time and feels nice on the skin.

Greek Style

23 Mar

Hello everyone! Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of love for Greek food products. I think they are healthy but for the life of me I can’t get over how nasty olives taste. But I have ventured elsewhere there isn’t an olive in sight. Please welcome Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a thicker yogurt compared to the usual runny liquidy yogurt we get in stores. It has more proteins less carbohydrates and lower in sodium. I found it to be really thick and creamy which is a nice change to my usual yogurt. Some things I dislike about this is that it does not provide a lot of calcium compared to regular yogurt.

Be as it may I think I might indulge in Greek yogurt if there are more different flavors.

BTW, the flavour was peach and passionfruit.


23 Sep

Hello everyone! So I think I have stated before that I have a cold and if I didn’t state it before I do have the cold. Just the intense I can’t breathe feeling, some coughing (hacking up the lungs), puffy eyeballs, and headaches.

So this is what I have been doing to get rid of this pesky cold.

2L Water Challenge

6 May

A challenge! I love challenges! Especially when it’s against myself.

So the 2L Water Challenge is a challenge (no duh) where I challenge myself to drink at least 2L of water everyday. Now currently I am not drinking a lot of water. So if I suddenly started drinking 2L everyday I probably won’t be able to handle it. The breakdown for this is:

Dates: Fri May 7 – Sat May 15;  Goal: Drink 1L of water a day

Dates: Sun May 16 – Mon May 24;  Goal: Drink 2L of water a day

Yuppers! For a bonus photo I will show you my favourite drinking cup.

It’s a sheep!! Yeah, the year I was born in cheesy I know but whatever. And yes, there is still some hyperpigmentation left on my skin darn acne. So hopefully I will see the benefits of drinking water after I finish this challenge. Thanks to Cherrychan108 from Youtube who is I believe currently going through with this challenge.