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Review: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

17 Feb

Hello everyone! Another mini-sized product from Benefit is going to be reviewed today. I’ve recently been loving the brand as they release out such great sets. This sample came from a Christmas set and I also have another one waiting to be used from the new Porefessionally Pretty set.

Description: For a healthy glow reach for the Girl who Meets Pearls for the first time. A golden pink cream to enhance and luminize the skin.

Review: Since I got the sample sized version of this (two of them actually) I just like how it dispenses the right amount of product but when I went to go try ou the full sized version I didn’t like how it dispensed the product. A quick Google search will bring up photos of this glue stick in which the product is dispensed through the top with a screen of sorts. I feel as though the packaging made sure to dispense a lot product and you couldn’t really control the amoun that you want. The product itself gives your skin a really nice glow that isn’t too glittery nor does it seem fake like High beam does on my face. As for the texture of the cream it is very smooth, blendable and just seems to glide across the skin. I use this mainly as a highlighter for my face but sometimes I mix it with my foundation to create a glowy dewy look without looking too oily. I love this product but the packaging and price puts me off purchasing another one well, I always have sample sizes to work through.

Cost: Full-sized $34CDN @ Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques

Would I recommend this product? I would this is a really nice highlighter for the skin

Review: Benefit Trio – Benetint, Posietint, High Beam

17 Feb

Hello everyone! A sample set that I got from Sephora I am now finally reviewing. It’ll be done altogether so that it makes my life a little easier.

Description: A trio of Benefit’s best selling cheek and lip stains. Benetint a red liquid stain, Posietint a light pink liquid/cream stain, and High beam is a silver pink based highlighting cream. All were swatched with one swipe.

Review: Benefit is known for creating really great face products and I’m curious about other products that are in their line. The packaging is nice, it’s in nail polish style and can make putting on products more accurate than with a brush or just fingers. I can’t get over the fact that when you are close to finishing the product there still will be some left at the bottom of the container. And the cincher is that you have absolutely no way to get all the leftover product leaving money to waste. But it’s not like Benefit will change their packaging but a pet peeve of mine.
I’ve never worked with a liquid cheek stain before so this was an interesting experience. Benetint is a liquid cheek stain so I had some difficulties first while applying it but found that doing one cheek at a time helped getting the right amount of product that I wanted. It gives a very natural flush to the cheeks and lasted all day (a full 8 hours and more) with little product wearing away. I really like it but I’m not planning to purchase it due to the fact that it stains my fingers when I blend it. -.-‘
Posietint is very similar to a liquid cream blush it’s thicker than Benetint and is a bit more pigmented. I personally think that it looks like a thickened version of strawberry milk. But still blends easier on the cheeks and just gives a really nice flush to the cheeks. I have acne scars left on my cheeks but it didn’t emphasize them at all (a nice plus) and the staying power is a little less than Benetint only around the 8 hour mark there is a bit of fading but it’s still noticeable. This one also stains the fingers but not as much as Benetint.
For both Benetint and Posietint both can be used on the lips and I found that Benetint works better than Posietint on the lips. Benetint stays on for quite sometime without fading while Posietint did nothing on the lips ( I think it just blended itself in with your lip pigmentation). Both are VERY drying on the lips though so I don’t use them on the lips that often but it’s a nice option to have.
High beam does not work with my skintone sadly. It’s shows up very silvery and to my skin it just doesn’t look very natural. I found that High beam was very goopy compared to Posietint and Benetint and it just was something I probably won’t be purchasing at all. If you have yellow/olive skintones I would not recommend this as it just doesn’t match with your skintone but clashes with it (could be the pinky undertone). Though as a brow highlighter it isn’t as obnoxious as it is on the cheeks. Blendability is great it just blends a lot easier than both Posietint and Benetint (could be because of the texture).
Overall, these are great but I won’t be purchasing full-sized products due to the packaging but I am really glad that I got to try out the sample sizes before commiting to full-sized products.

Cost: $12CDN @ sephora.com

Would I recommend this product? For those who are curious about Benefit’s best seller go right ahead the price is right for a set of three and the sample just lasts forever!