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SNSD Run Devil Run

18 Mar

New music out from SNSD but I’m sure everyone knows about it already. Title track is called Run Devil Run I like it it’s interesting. Promo photo:

The MV itself:

Note: This is just the dance version of the song… the story line MV will be out soon I hope I want to see Black Soshi!

Special thanks to AllKpop and CodeMonmonSeason3.

Gone for Good??!!

25 Feb

After a long day at school I come home to a happy place… allkpop… little did I know this guy was all over the page.

 Park Jaebeom

He’s…. he’s….. I can’t even say it… he’s gone for good! Now my love for 2PM has dwindled… to me Jaebeom held a special place in my heart. He was the only reason I began liking and enjoying 2PM’s performances but now that he’s officially gone…. I’m sorry I don’t think I can support 2PM anymore.

For those lost on the reasoning behind his leave… please check out the full story at Allkpop.com….

So shocked… I have nothing more to say…