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Review: Clinique All about Eyes Rich

24 Feb

Hello everyone! It snowed earlier today so I though I would do a review on a moisturizing eye cream.

Description: A cream that diminishes the look of circles, shadows and puffiness it is also refreshingly moisturizing. A regular jar contains 0.5 oz. or 15 mL. The lifetime/how long it will take to go bad is 6 months from the opening date.

Review: When my eyes aren’t feeling up to the task of prying themselves open this sort of helps. But as a moisturizing eye cream I sure think it does it’s job. Packaging is a simple plastic jar and my hands are usually clean so I don’t have to worry about bacteria trying to breed themselves in the pot. The cream is buttery smooth and there is no scent as for the reduced under eyes I can say that it sort of helps (concealer still is needed). It didn’t give me any under eye milia so that was a good bonus. Overall, I think it’s a great eye cream and works well for people of all skintypes.

Cost: $37CDN @ department stores and Sephora

Would I recommend this product?