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Completed: #8 – Purchase a Lolita outfit

8 Aug

Hello everyone! Another one completed! I am on a roll! So here is my look with the lolita clothes that I purchased. I bought the Metamorphose Summer Lucky Pack and got the pink version of the Typewriting Squirrel print. It was a really hot day that day but I have actually purchased and worn my lolita clothes. I really really love this style and have purchased a few more dresses and outfits so I will post them when I get a nice photo of them.

BTW, this photo is from my Instagram account feel free to follow me @dodotheextincts!

One down, 17 more to go!


16 Jun

Hello everyone! An update on my little list of 20 things before 20 I’ve finished another one! This one was an easy task get a library card. So I’d like to present to you my library card.