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22 Things Before 22

28 May

Hello everyone! A fun post today do you remember when I did 20 Things before 20 post? It was a really long time ago but I wanted to do something similar to that this year as well. So this year I am turning 22 on Sept 19 which is pretty exciting and this gives me quite a bit of time to complete the 22 things on my list. Here are the items:

1. Go to Comic-Con Calgary Already went and it was awesome!


2. Go to Animethon – This was an original goal from the original list and I definitely want to go again this year.

3. Start making Youtube videos – Again this was on the original list but I still haven’t done it yet but I do want to utilize Youtube as another way of giving information in conjunction to my blog.

4. Go to the Mutart Conservatory – Essentially a greenhouse in Edmonton and I haven’t been there since I was a kid. I think it’s time to go back and rediscover that place.

5. Make a gluten-free cake – I am going to cheat at this and make it from a box mainly because I’m interested in what it will taste like.

6. Watch Soul Eater – My sister has been threatening me to watch this anime so I will watch it and let you know what I think about it at the end.

7. Watch Kimi ni Todoke Seasons 1 + 2 – I love this series but have been putting off actually watching the series as I thought the manga was enough. Now it is time to watch it.

8. Purchase a Lolita outfit – I always wanted to try out this fashion style and was always scared by the cost of each outfit but there are some good alternatives nowadays so I think this year I will make my first Lolita purchase.

9. Finish Cake Cushions – This has been on my list of to do things for a while and there are 4 more cakes that have to be made so might as well get started and finish it.

10. Sew a patchwork quilt – Another goal I have had since the end of high school so hopefully this one will be an actual quilt with batting in it!

 (Hopefully something like this from thepinkbuttontree.blogspot.com)

11. Make 30 cards – I am extremely lazy when it comes to cards and when I do make them I make one at a time and it doesn’t have the therapeutic feeling as it used to so I’m going to try to pick up this hobby again.

12. Marathon The Lord of the Rings trilogy movie – I feel like I do this every year and it’s a tradition that cannot be stopped!

13. Read The Lord of the Rings trilogy – Even though I am a huge fan of the movies I cannot summon myself to actually pick up and read the trilogy. Might as well start and finish it this time.

14. Drink something from Jugo Juice and Booster Juice – I have been intrigued by both places and have not actually ordered anything from both places so might as well try something new and I love drinking juice.

15. Get ears pierced – I have never ever gotten my ears pierced but have wanted to for the longest time so now it is time for them to get pierced hopefully it won’t hurt too bad.

16. Go Bowling – This is a must! I love to go bowling and it seems like a really fun team building atmosphere.

17. Go laser tagging – Also another must if not I can make do with shooting things but I really do want to try this!

18. Play Ni no Kuni – I have actually purchased the game but have not started on it but a game animated by Studio Ghibli and music by Joe Hisaishi!

19. Visit Crepe Symphony – A place in Edmonton known for it’s awesome interior and even more awesome crepes.

20. Eat at IHOP – Another place I want to eat at thanks to my sister telling me stories about this place.

21. Play Pokémon  Black 2 – I have once again purchased this game but have not started this it seems pretty exciting!

22. Read Garth Nix’s The Keys to the Kingdom series – I have started this series when I was little so now that I found out that the series has concluded it is time to mass read this!

And that is everything for this year so since I’ve already completed one thing on this list 21 more to go!

MIA Again…

3 Nov

Hello everyone! Long time no blog but school has been whipping me sore on my behind. Which is why I haven’t been blogging it’s been a while but I hope to get back into it since it’s HOLIDAY SEASON AGAIN!!!!

I’m pretty much excited for the school year I’m actually doing pretty well (pretty good in 2/5 classes) but today I’m going to show you some things and update since I haven’t been active in like two months (I think that’s the longest I went MIA). BTW, my usual camera has gone MIA as well… I’m thinking that my mom put it somewhere and promptly forgot where she put it.

Here are my textbooks for this semester ($700 worth):

Blue Binder contains Management Textbook they had a binder version of the text for like $40 cheaper.

As for 20 things before 20 never finished a lot of the items… sooo much to do!! But I heard that there is a website called 101 things for 1001 days. OMG!!! Sounds pretty exciting! 1001 days is (assuming that a year has 365 days) about 2 years and 7 months? So I’m going to start my list on this site http://dayzeroproject.com/. Feel free to check it out but blogging at least once a week for a year is on that list.

As for other things in my life I’m pretty much on a Christmas high right now sooo many Holiday makeup collections are coming out so I’ll do a post later on about which ones that interest me a lot.

A few of my Christmas items are up now:

 (spot the eyeball?)

My desk is as messy as ever… when am I ever going to study on it?

Oh that reminds me I should take you around my area of our new room (my brother’s old room) since we did move a while back. I don’t think I showed you where everything is. Before the year ends I will have something up for sure.

Did you know that they are having currently Puss in Boots as McDonald’s Happy Meal toys?

Hope this post isn’t too long to read but I hope that everyone is having a great day!

Ending picture:

 (oh yes it’s holiday time now)

Animethon Haul & #6

8 Aug

Hello everyone! A haul post from Animethon 18 this year. Hehe I’ve completed basically two points on my 20 things before 20 list. Hooray for killing two birds with one stone.

Books were on sale buy 4 for $25 so I got 8 books total of $50 but each book is about $15 so I saved around $70.

Mashimaro was $10 and the mushrooms all together costed $50. Lots of money spent but now I have a mushroom farm!! MUSHROOM FARM!!! My sister is so jealous she wants some now. ^-^ Shrooms can do that to people so I’m going to get some more mushrooms hopefully I will have about 6 by the time this year is up.


16 Jun

Hello everyone! An update on my little list of 20 things before 20 I’ve finished another one! This one was an easy task get a library card. So I’d like to present to you my library card.


27 May

Hello everyone! So I have finished the #2 item on my 20 things before 20 list which was to read Watchmen.

It was such an intense book I had to split up my time to read it. A very heavy read with lots of different commentaries on human conditions and such. I would totally recommend this book for those who are beginning to understand the world around them bit by bit. This book is going to be a nice addition to my bookshelf.