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22 Things before 22 – Not completed

24 Sep

Hello everyone! So an update on how the 22 Things challenge went since my birthday was the past Thursday. Now that I am 22 I feel sort of young but not really… anyways, let’s see how I did for this. BTW, this is a large text-based read so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1. Go to Comic-Con Calgary Extremely fun and I am debating if I actually want to attend next year in Calgary or in Edmonton.

2. Go to Animethon – Has a fun time with my family and got some awesome things.

3. Start making Youtube videos – Didn’t happen… but what actually happened is that I started vlogging everyday so far in September. All the videos are private though because I am not completely comfortable showing those videos to people and it’s just a project for myself to remember what went on in my life. So this is semi completed but I’ll cross it off.

4. Go to the Mutart Conservatory – I didn’t get to go… so sad…

5. Make a gluten-free cake – I actually completed this the weekend before and wasn’t able to get the picture up but here it is! I don’t think I’m a big fan of gluten-free things but it was good especially with cotton candy icing on top… yummy.


6. Watch Soul Eater – Watched and I am so glad that I actually watched this it was really awesome!

7. Watch Kimi ni Todoke Seasons 1 + 2 – Watched it and have been catching up with the manga releases here in Canada.

8. Purchase a Lolita outfit – Completed and I have purchased a few more dresses as well… haven’t worn it out yet but the day will come soon!

9. Finish Cake Cushions – Didn’t get to this one which makes me a little sad because this project has been sitting around waiting to be done for about 2 years…

10. Sew a patchwork quilt – I purchased the fabric as well as batting and everything but I didn’t get around to sitting and sewing it all together… Now that I think about it all the fabrics I picked were Christmas themed so maybe it will be completed in the near future?

11. Make 30 cards – I made several cards for upcoming birthdays so about 7 cards but I didn’t make the 30 mark. I will be starting on Christmas cards as soon as I clean up my desk but yeah didn’t end up finishing this.

12. Marathon The Lord of the Rings trilogy movie – Didn’t get to marathon this because it’s SUPER long but my family is planning to do a Harry Potter marathon during Winter Break so that’s exciting.

13. Read The Lord of the Rings trilogy – Didn’t get around to reading it because I get distracted by other books. I will seriously get down and read this trilogy sometime soon.

14. Drink something from Jugo Juice and Booster Juice – Both really good juice places just not something I am willing to spend on when I can make the same thing at home. Orange Julius is another story though.

15. Get ears pierced – I was planning to get this done before my cousin’s wedding but I didn’t have the guts to do it and reading recommendations online about not going to places with guns practically scared me. I don’t know how I feel about earrings anymore…

16. Go Bowling – Didn’t get to go because of no time and work and then school started. Sometime next year maybe?

17. Go laser tagging – Didn’t get to go as well… seriously I think my family just doesn’t like to go out lol.

18. Play Ni no Kuni – Purchased this and it is still sitting at home not even played yet… I feel iffy using my brother’s PS3 to play a game that I purchased even though he’s all cool with it. Now that school has started I will never ever play this until either Winter Break or next summer.

19. Visit Crepe Symphony – I went to this place twice and both times it was extremely delicious!

20. Eat at IHOP – We didn’t get to go which is a little saddening but I will go and eat here someday.

21. Play Pokémon Black 2 – I started this game but I haven’t finished it or anything but I have played it so I guess I can cross this out?

22. Read Garth Nix’s The Keys to the Kingdom series – This is completed and I am glad that I got closure on this series I always wondered what happened after Wednesday.

Completed: 11/22

Not bad I actually finished half and there are some things that I regret not doing like laser tagging and finish sewing my little cakes but there will be time for that when I get school breaks or when I get bored of working on homework and don’t want to clean. Yeah… anyways, hope this post was interesting I just needed closure on this as it is my own sort of journey to become a better person who completes things that have a deadline. 🙂