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Beauty Stash Storage

13 Sep

Hello everyone! Since I have completed the Beauty Stash product Show & Tell it is time to show how the heck I store all that makeup. Sadly I really don’t like the way that I am currently storing them but since I do want to downsize my collection I thought doing it this way works for now.

IMG_2121 IMG_2123

Sorry for the dark photos the collection is stored in the back of the closet so there you go. Everything is stacked in front of the makeup drawer so all the products in the drawer are things that don’t see too much usage. Ideally I want to get all the makeup that I actually use into just the one drawer so that is my goal for the next little while. I wonder how long that will take but I will form some sort of plan for that in the meantime I plan on showcasing my nail polish collection, perfume/body mists and bath and body products. With that this is the unofficial end to the beauty stash photos.