Project Update: Month 3

3 Sep

Hello everyone! So another project update and it’s month #3! With the postings of my makeup stash I have been smartening up with what I purchased. But with back-to-school shopping and stuff like that I picked up some items. I mean who can’t resist new makeup?


So these are the items that I picked up this month… it ended up being 6 products. But from yesterdays post you know that I finished a bunch of lipglosses so I thought it was okay to buy some more… though thinking back to the stash post on the lipglosses I don’t really need anymore lipglosses. Anyways, the items are:

– Sephora x Disney Ariel Palette (the most coverted item)

– Covergirl Whipped Foundation

– Maybelline Stick Foundation

– Rimmel Apocalips (that is what they are called in Canada) in Celestial

– Almay Liquid Lip balm in Lilac Love

– Maybelline Electro Baby Lips in Berry Bomb

Just getting new makeup for the back-to-school season feels really great so I don’t really regret purchasing these as I will use them and review them for you guys soon (by soon I mean most likely 3 months down the line because it’s me the really bad procrastinator).

Once again this month I didn’t do anything to my stash of facial masks that I have to use… oops. I will hopefully do better since colder weather is coming soon.

I will be completing the Beauty Stash section of my blog soon and that makes me a little sad but it has opened my eyes to how many products that I actually have to use. Sadly, it won’t stop me from purchasing new makeup but at least it was an interesting experience while working on the stash posts.


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