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Completed: #6 – Watch Soul Eater

22 Aug

Hello everyone! Man I think I am on a roll as I am completing the items on the list kinda quick. But anyways, another one done and maybe this year I can actually complete this list before I turn 22?!

Now on to a few thoughts about this series:

I actually really liked the concept behind this and the characters themselves were pretty entertaining (especially Shinigami-sama that accent!). There is a lot of great fight scenes and the comedy is a great touch not too much nor too little. I probably still won’t like Black Star as he seems to be a really annoying character. My favourite character would definitely have to be Shinigami-sama I can’t help it it’s definitely the way he speaks that is just really endearing.

For the series itself there was plenty enough reason for the three kids to be fighting but it kinda made me wonder where all the adults were. Seriously, in the future all adults will be relying on kids to do the work for them and just call it a school assignment. Ending was great I would actually love to see a second season made after all that I mean I really want to find out more about Maka and Soul’s relationship as well as her continuing relationship with Crona.

This was such a fun and serious anime that I would recommend you watch even if you aren’t into anime or aren’t caught up with the times like I am.

One down, 15 more to go!