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Review: EOS Lipbalms

3 Jul

Hello everyone! A lovely lipbalm review today.

IMG_1756 IMG_1757

Description: Cute spherical lipbalms with interesting flavours. Flavours pictured are Blueberry Potion and Sweet Vanilla Nonsense.

Review: These little egg things are really popular and my little cousins absolutely adore them. I have three currently and they are from the limited edition Alice in Wonderland set. They are pretty cute you have to admit but they don’t sit well in my makeup storage bin they are very bulky and hard to store. I have asked my cousin for a bit of a review and she said that when you “round” off the top of the lipbalm it becomes a little hard to use the remaining lipbalm. So something to look forward to the more I use this stuff. I thought the moisturizing factor of these were okay and it’s great that they didn’t taste like plastic or anything synthetic (I am extremely sensitive to that kind of thing). Wear time is typical of a lipbalm which is 1 hour on me (no eating or drinking). Overall, they are pretty good lipbalms just a pain to store.

Cost: $4-6CDN @ drugstores, some Chapters/Indigo stores

Would I recommend this product? For the novelty yes, these make great gifts and they are functional as well it’s just not moisturizing enough for my liking.