Review: MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralized Skin Finish

25 Apr

Hello everyone! A highlighter review today and it’s on one of MAC’s best selling item the Soft&Gentle MSF! I’ve had mine for quite some time so it looks a little strange/used but onto the review!

IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1563 IMG_1565

Description: Champagne golden highlighter in a baked mineralize formula.

Review: It has taken me a year to review this product perhaps because I don’t want to tell you all how awesome it is and want to keep it all to myself. But I must let the secret out that this highlighter is extremely amazing on the skin and is awesome. First off the highlighted look that you get with this product is amazing it looks like a subtle sheen on the skin and works well with all skintones. There is a little bit of glitter mixed in the product itself but it is easily wiped off with a clean makeup brush. With the swatch capturing highlighters on camera is a really difficult task but I did my best and that is the resulting shot. As you can tell it will blend easily into the skin and lasting time is 6 hours but this will not look as nice and highlighted around the 5 hour mark. Overall, a great staple and one I would repurchase if I didn’t have an infinite amount of highlighters.

Cost: $34CDN @, or at MAC counters @ the Bay, or freestanding stores

Would I recommend this product? I would if you do not have any other highlighters in your makeup stash this works lovely and the glow is just beautiful.

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