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Review: Almay Trio fro Hazel Eyes

29 Feb

Hello everyone! A really old eyeshadow review today Almay just redid their entire eyeshadow line so I can’t speak for the quality now but this was their eyeshadow quality before the line-up change.

Description: Swatches were done quite heavily (3 swipes) for the color payoff shown in the photo.

Review: I found that the shades were not as pigmented as I thought they were (it decieved me!). But the shades are very wearable for an everyday look and since they are not so pigmented it is great for days where I don’t want to put effort into my eyeshadow. The powders are actually kind of chalky if you pick up too much a flat shader brush as ideal and using small strokes to pick up the product resulted in not so much fall-out. Packaging is nice clear plastic and the designs on the shadows just make it appealing to me. Overall, not a very good palette so I’m glad it’s gone from the original line their new line products are much more pigmented.

Cost: $3CDN @ London Drugs (this palette style is not sold anymore)

Would I recommend this product? Since this product style is discontinued I won’t recommend nor recommend as it doesn’t exist.

Review: Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzed Brown Eyes

29 Feb

Hello everyone! A Physician’s Formala review today.

Description: 9 shades of bronze for brown eyes. Top three shades (light lavendar, cool-tone gold, milk chocolate bronze) are daytime look, middle three (light gold, mid-tone gold, brown bronze) are daytime smokey, and the last three (dark gold, burgandy, dark chocolate) are nighttime look.

Review: Man are there so many colors to pick and choose from I really dislike the amount of choice that I get with this and it goes the same for any other palette that I purchase but I still keep buying palettes (must be something about getting a deal for amount of eyeshadows I ge lol). Anyways, the shades in this palette is very goldy bronze based and work great as an everyday eyeshadow palette the shades are very warm-toned so cool-toned beauties if you pick up this palette be prepared to spend a little bit more time on your eye makeup. I personally really love this palette and is one of my go-tos in the summer months. The shades are pigmented with a nice sheen there is no glitter shades just shimmer which gives a nice glowy touch to the eyes. Texture is very smooth and blends very well on the lids I did have some fallout when I picked up too much product but that can be easily fixed with a quick tap-off. Packaging is a very sturdy plastic and a flip-top design never had one like this so it takes up some space while waiting to be used on my desk. Overall, I think this is a great palette and though the price is a little steep for drugstore I definately recommend picking this up!

Cost: $12-17CDN @ drugstore and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? If you love your golds and bronze like I do this is the perfect palette to pick up.