Review: Marcelle BB Cream

23 Feb

Hello everyone! BB Creams have finally started hitting the North American scene and that’s really exciting. Canadian company Marcelle has something to offer with their take on the BB formulation. This can be worn alone or as a makeup base.

Description: The Beauty Balm has self-adjusting pigments, powerful antioxydants, aloe and chamomile and does the following – evens out skin tone, offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits, protects from premature aging and environmental stresses, promotes skin regeneration, controls shine, soothes and calms, reduces the appearance of imperfections, provides anti-dull radiant complexion. (Marcelle’s description on the box not mine).

Review: I love my BB creams they are just so easy to use and it gets you out the door quickly. The ease and convenience factor will convince many to try BB creams and for Marcelle to adopt BB creams is great! Now the formula is the same as any liquid/cream foundation not too runny nor is it too stiff. There are two color ranges Light/Medium and Medium/Dark for women of color I am not too sure how the BB cream will  react with your skintone as the Medium/Dark shade did not seem too dark. Pigmentation can be built up but essentially has a light to medium coverage. There is no scent and the dispensing method is very hygenic and it was easy to control how much product you need (for me a pea-sized amount covers my whole face). As for the wear time (which is a make it or break it for me) it lasted 6-8 hours (yes!) but did not control any up and coming oil spills that usually appear around the 2-3 hour mark. So for the claims it did evened out my skin, hydration was felt but did nothing about flaky skin (luckily it didn’t accentuate it), protecting from premature aging and environmental stresses is something I can’t test, promotes skin regeneration again I’m not to sure it did this, did not control shine, felt something soothing, reducing my active acne it sort of did (concealer helps quite a bit more though) and it did make my skin look glowy and healthy (A+ for not making me look like a glitterbomb!). Overall, I think it is a great BB cream and if I finish one (note if) I would definately repurchase.

Cost: $22.95CDN @ Shoppers Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? Yes it is one of the better BB creams out in the North American market and for those who  do not live in Canada you can purchase it online at  or you can also find yourself a Canadian beauty buddy.


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