Review: MAC Shop/Cook & Vera Neuman

23 Feb

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since the new MAC collection came out (about two weeks ago) there were some sold out items but some items are still available for purchase.

So these are the items I picked up:

Let’s start off with the Shop/Cook Collection I only got lip products so here they are. The lipsticks from left to right (except for the swatch it’s the opposite) is Dish it Up! (a purple pink and is a lustre finish) and Runaway Red (blue based red and is a satin finish). I love MAC lustre finishes as the color can be built up on the lips, satin finishes was very smooth on the lips and color pay-off was just amazing. Both these shades are lovely and suit my warm undertones. Lipsticks are $17.50CDN each (though I hear that there is going to be a price increase sometime soon… -.-”)

Man, I wish I could swatch these for you but… I didn’t want to start using this yet I still have a tone of lipbalms to be used up before I can start on this one. So sorry for no review but the price is $18CDN for one (a little pricey but hey it’s got SPF!)é

Now onto the Vera pigments that I picked up. I had never worked with MAC Crush Metal Pigments before so this was a great experience. The stack that I picked out was the Aloha stack (as I thought I would get more usage out of it considering color family) so the shades are from the cool stack Shifting Sands (cool light brown/cool mink shade), Aloha (cool bronzy brown), from the warm stack Lantern Light (orange tone brown with orange shimmers), and Campfire (bright orange-brown). All the shades are very frosty (crushed metallics… does the name mean something perhaps?). I found that they are time-consuming to use but the effect of them my gosh they are really pretty on the eyelids. Wear time is around 4-6 hours without primer and 6-8 hours with a primer. I would be more interested in purchasing more of these pigment stacks whenever MAC releases anymore. Sucks that they are $40CDN though.


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