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Review: L’oreal HIP Duo in 114 Adventurous

8 Feb

Hello everyone! I love me pink eyeshadows in the Spring time it just gets you up in the morning and why not start it off with a really pigmented shadow?

Description: A duo of highly pigmented shades made for your “adventure”. A light shimmery champagne with brown undertones and a bright daffodil pink with slight shimmer.

Review: My gosh I knew that this was going to be intensely pigmented but looking how pigmented this is I couldn’t believe my eyes. A gorgeous duo especially for the summer and it works pretty well for an everyday shadow. Both shades are highly pigmented and go on very smoothly on the lid. Blending the shades is so easy they aren’t as buttery smooth as MAC shadows but the pigmentation is to die for. The pink side can actually be used as a blush and works great as well staying power is around 4-5 hours (which is good on my oily skin). I cannot think of anything bad about these other than the bulky packaging but there is nothing else to complain about these. These are a great addition to you makeup collection and I would highly recommend these shadows!

Cost: $7-13CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I really would for those who love the brights and neutrals together the shades are really nice for an everyday look. Those afraid of color please don’t pick this up you’ll regret it!

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

8 Feb

Hello everyone! The Dream Bouncy blushes are finally out in Canada! I was totally ecstatic about it that I picked it up full price (and then promptly had buyers remorse after).

Description: A light fluffy blush just for your perfect Spring face. 05 Fresh Pink is a light blue based pink, and 50 Plum Wine is a darker burgandy blush. On the cheeks both are matte and the swatches were done with 5 (yes five) swipes.

Review: I really liked the idea behind these blushes the texture is very fun to play with and personally I think they are pretty fun product but the bad outweighs the good sadly. Packaging is cute and small thus making storage a little easier with these guys compared to say an NYC Blushable Creme Stick. As for the texture it is a very interesting denser mouse-like product very fun to play with. The staying power is a huge issue out of the two I purchased Plum Wine lasted around 2-3 hours (a normal blush wears around 5-6 hours for me) while Fresh Pink only lasted 1-2 hours. And the pigmentation isn’t that great with these you have to put on  layer and layer of product just to see the color show up on your skin. I have to just say to save your money on these as they are a great product idea but the formulation just fell short. Do Not Recommend.

Cost: $8-11CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I would like to recommend it but the staying power and pigmentation was weak. In the end, I would not recommend it for those looking for pigmented long lasting blushes but those who are looking for a fun product to play with this might be up your alley.