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Review: Nivea Lipbalms

1 Mar

Hello everyone! This is a compilation review as I have more than one type of lipbalm from Nivea so they are all put in one.

Review: Since there are more than one lipbalm I will break the reviews up into their respective type I have also placed them in an order that goes from really like to dislike.

Hydro Care (blue) – overall a really great lip balm has a vanilla sort of scent that isn’t too overpowering and goes on the lips very smoothly.

Milk & Honey (light yellow) – I use this as a night time lip treatment as it has a heavier feel than most lip balms. Goes on with shine and can sometimes be a little tacky on the lips. Scent-wise it smells much more wax honey than a nice blend of honey and milk.

Strawberry Tinted (red) – This is a tinted lip balm and works very well the color is a very bright color (great for spring/summer looks). I found this not to be moisterizing enough and there are glitters in the lip balms so it does not slide on as smoothly compared to Hydro Care (blue). The tint can last all day as it can also work as a lipstain.

Sunscreen (bright yellow) – I really disliked this lip balm it literally felt like solid sunscreen for the lips. It was not moisterizing at all and it turned my lips whiter which should not happen (imagine putting on white lipstick). Tacky and hard to put on.

Price: Ranges from $1.50-3.00 CDN from various drugstores

Would I recommend these products? I would recommend the top three (hydro care, milk & honey, strawberry tint) but the only one that I will be repurchasing will be the Hydro care as it works very well for a great price. I would not recommend the sunscreen one as mentioned above it was not a lipbalm but solid sunscreen for the lips.