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First Major Purchase of the Year

5 Jan

Hello everyone! Today was the day I bought my textbooks and I also bought some other stuff. I won’t show my textbooks because I don’t think that I have all the ones that I need. So here are the things that I bought:

Samples size perfums courtesy of Walmart original retail price as you can tell is $29CDN but I got it for $7CDN each. CRAZY!!


Retail Cost – $65USD I got it for $40CDN (Yeah!)

Writing books (they remind me of Japanese paper bound books) $1CDN each, Nose Pore Strips – $5CDN, Joe Fresh Eyeshadow in Pale Pink for $2 ($2 coupon how could I not resist picking up a backup of my favourite color?)

*Note: They were all on sale or things I really need (thus the justification) and I bought everything with my own money.

Childhood Rereads

5 Jan

Hello everyone! So recently before school starts I’ve been trying to rediscover books that I truly enjoyed reading while a child. I used to be an avid reader until I hit University now I have no time to go and read books. I feel like I’m being left out of the loop for current good books and such. But these are the top books that I read when I was a child and am reading right now before school starts again.


Need I say more?

I think everyone has read this at one point or another.

I don’t have any other books I can showcase as the rest are not independent standing (series I loved reading were Goosebumps and Nancy Drew).