31 Dec

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again. Lots of countdowns to what went on in 2010, to what was the hottest trends I’m sure everyone has seen it in one form or another. For me I’ll be tuning into Ryan Seacrest’s Top Songs of 2010 countdown provided that I remember. ^_^ Anyways, so here are my resolutions for the New Year (though asian new years isn’t until Feb so I can sort of cheat).

1. Maintain health – ah, this is very very tricky I had this resolution last year as well. Hard to stay on track so for this year imma keep good hold on this one. Afterall, a healthy lifestyle = a healthy outlook.

2. Pass my courses – this one is tough as I’m in University but I’m thinking a career change but I gotta keep up the hard work!

3. Learn to manage time – this one sure gave me lots of trouble this year so I’m going to work hard at trying to organize and prioritize my life (gotta stop prioritizing Youtube videos as more important than school work)

4. Make new friends – after being on campus for some time I feel like my ability to communicate well with people have been shot at. I mean I have no friends that I really hang around on campus so I’m going to work on making long-lasting relationships and improve the ones that I currently have.

5. Keep promises – so I did mention several times this year that I would be doing Youtube videos and more makeup stuff but that never happened or anything that had to do with promises. So I’m going to do my best to fulfill what I have promised this year.

So with the New Year I’ll leave you with fireworks!


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