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Review: Revlon Mineralized Finishing Powder

1 Aug

A drugstore dupe of MAC’s MSF (Mineralized Skin Finish).

Review: A drugstore dupe for MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finishs in general and the shade that I picked up was in Brighten. There are two other shades but they looked like bronzers and I am scared of bronzers so I didn’t pick them up. I think it works nice to give your skin a luminous healthy glow to it. The glow is  not very visible so you could end up applying too much to your face. For those with oily skin (me! oh pick me!) if you use it for its intended purpose it will make you look like an oil spill something you definately don’t want to have. Just using this product as a highlight is best; it comes off as a white slightly pink shimmer powder. There is no scent (thank you) but what I didn’t love was the packaging. The packaging is so big, thick and heavy thus leading me to only use this at home because it’s so big.

Cost: $15.99CDN wherever available

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those who can afford this as it is from Revlon but it is not totally necessary in everyday makeup routine.