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World of Cosmetics Counters

22 Jul

Hey everyone! A post on cosmetics counter etiquette and how to deal with the salesperson who is assisting you making your choice in either cosmetics or skincare.

My favourite counter to visit when I go to the department store (which I don’t do very often) is Shiseido. Mainly due to makeup and sometimes asking about their skincare. Shiseido is a well-known cosmetics company in Asia and well it kinda makes sense that I get a lot of my skincare tips and makeup tips from Shiseido.

Some etiquette tips to be the best counter shopper evar! Or well you won’t be the best but you’ll look like a really nice person and the sales rep will be more than willing to help you.

So there are a few things before approaching a counter:

First you need to determine what you are going there for so that you don’t overspend on items that you won’t need later on or regret buying (and can’t return).

Second is allot time for counter shopping as you are chatting with the sales rep you are spending a lot of time discussing what is best for you (for me the conversation can begin with skincare and end up with eyeshadow colours weird huh?).

Now tips for surviving the actual counter:

Tip #1

Become a germaphobic while trying out makeup at the counter. You have no idea where the product has been and what it has been through so if you want to see the colour just swatch it on the back of you hand. I mean who would like to get herpes or some skin disease just because of the tester product.

Tip #2

Say NO if you don’t like the product either the way it feels or the color selection. Be proactive about your purchases because at department store counters you don’t have the option of returning items that don’t suit your skin tone or you dislike.

Tip #3

Be proactive as stated in #2. If you don’t state what your skin type is or what colours you like the sales rep can’t help you as much.

Tip #4

If there is a sales rep that you absolutely LOVE (I mean as listens to you and knows you pretty well) ask for her contact because that sales rep is the only one that knows whats best for you and will tell you about new products that would interest you or promotions that their counter is having. (Now I haven’t visited Department stores that often but there is a sales rep that I absolutely adore but she moved to a different Shiseido counter where I have no idea but I totally regretted not getting her contact info.)

This is all the tips that I can come up with for makeup counter etiquette I know that lots of people have had great and bad experiences with some counters. I find that if you are patient and nice the sales rep will treat you fairly as well though I have had my fair share of horrible or not so attentive sales rep assist me.

Review: N.Y.C. Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm

21 Jul

A review for N.Y.C. Tinted Lip Balms for days where you want colour and a lip balm.

Review: N.Y.C. is a very affordable drugstore brand (hooray for low costs and great products). They have been getting a lot of hype on Youtube as of late due to the new Blushable Creme Sticks (review coming later on). As for this tinted lip balm I have seen many tinted lip balms that cost aroudn $8+CDN so I never did want to try them as I could have gotten a lipstick at that price. But N.Y.C. being sneaky was pretty low cost so I picked one up the shade that I got was Sugar Coated and they have 5 other shades as well. This product smells like cotton candy and lots of vanilla which I usually don’t like but when its on your lips you can’t smell it so I could bare with it. Works great as a lip balm and even throughout the day as the colour fades your lips are still moisturized (big plus!). Since this color is a light pink it give the lips a nice cremesheen shine like you put a glossy icing over your lips very similar to MAC’s Boybait cremesheen (compared it to my friends).

Cost: $2.99CDN at any drugstore that sells N.Y.C.

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product it works great and gives your lips a nice colour. I want to go get the rest of the shades!

Review: Clinique Brow Powder

20 Jul

OMG! It’s a department store makeup brand! How can that be?! You never review department store products. Well now I am mainly because now I have the means to go shopping at department stores (but not that often so don’t expect them too much). Clinique is one of the lower end department stores cost wise for their makeup and MAC is also in that range. It’s a lot better than spending $30 for a brow powder from Estee Lauder or Dior.

Review: Clinique is well-known for their 1-2-3 skincare system (which I am too chicken to try) but not much is known about their makeup. I was in the market for a brow powder and this struck out as something I would love to try and it’s my first product that I bought from Clinique. The shade that I picked up was shaping taupe which is a little too brown for my liking but works with my brows. It works alright as a brow powder not that much pigmentation which is good in a brow powder you don’t want really strong brows (they have to look natural). The problem that I have with this is when you are picking up the powder with your brush not much gets on it… it’s bizarre no matter how many times you wipe your brush across the product it never seems to pick up any more product.

Cost: $19.50CDN

Would I recommend this product? This is an okay product but not the best of brow products out there. I would not recommend (did you say not recommend?!) this product as it was mediocre. Save your money and get some better brow powder from a drugstore or pick up a MAC eyeshadow that would suit your eyebrow colour (yes eyeshadow can be used as a brow powder).

Beauty Project

19 Jul

Hey everyone! So I have been on a beauty project for a while and I have finally finished it! Hooray for DIY!

What I did was I modified my Physician’s Formula Bamboo compact to accomodate my N.Y.C. Pressed Translucent Powder which was too large to fit in the compact. The actual powder from the bamboo line is about $15CDN which is pretty expensive for a powder so I didn’t want to pick it up. Thus, leading to the modification job.

Powder depottation:

Completed Project:

My dad is a CNC Machinist so his shop has the machinery to cut the compact but I couldn’t get any photos of that but now it fits! Thanks Dad!

Review: St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub

18 Jul

This is a review on the tub version. A very debated product in the beauty world either you hate it or you love it.

Review: The first photo looks kinda nasty doesn’t it? But putting the photos aside I have used this product before but that one was for acne/blemish skin with salicylic acid. This jar is just the regular exfoliation, the apricot seeds are grounded quite well in this product compared with the one for acne/blemish skin. I found that the scrubbies for the acne/blemish one was quite harsh while the scrubbies in this one wasn’t as harsh and didn’t feel like I was rubbing my skin with sandpaper. Overall, a good exfoliator that isn’t too harsh and gets the job done.

Cost: tub = $4.99CDN for 500mL, squeeze tube = $3.99CDN for 250 mL

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those looking for a cheap exfoliator but for those searching for a softer type of exfoliator I would recommend the Biore Even Smoother Exfoliator.

Review: Bio-Oil

17 Jul

Remember this guy?

Three months have passed and it is review time! I did give this product plenty of time to work too. Short review though not much to say about this it’s either a you hate or love product.

Review: Bio-oil is formulated to be a ‘all-purpose healing oil’ that can help with the appearance of scars, uneven skin tone and stretch marks. I mainly used this product for the stretch mark and acne scars that I have on my face. Sad to say it didn’t work so well on my face as it did for my stretch marks. As for the uneven skin tone I have some but its not that visible so I couldn’t really keep tabs on that. But on stretch marks worked as a great reducer on how big and angry the scar looked.

Cost: $10 – 12 range for 60mL

Would I recommend this product? Other than being disappointed in the reducing acne scars portion I think this is great for stretch marks and when I’m pregnant I’ll make sure to pick some more of this up because it really did reduce the size and the stark white color toned down a bit where it didn’t look strange against my other normal yellow asian skintone.

Beauty Intro: Quo Cosmetics

14 Jul

Introducing another Canadian cosmetics brand! Hooray for Canada! This line is exclusive to Shoppers Drug mart and the pricing is mid-tone range (just like Physician’s Formula). I like some of the products from this line and they even have brushes available. A statement from the line:

“Quo is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive line of colour cosmetics and cosmetic accessories. All Quo products are developed from an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation that consistently delivers a contemporary core assortment and the must have colours products for the season.”

 A promo for a previos fall collection:

For more information on what products are available please visit: