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Packing Nightmare

30 Jul

I personally hate, hate, HATE, packing for vacation/trips. All that mess and you can’t decide what you want to bring… ugh… I really dislike packing. Unpacking is okay just packing. I am very indecisive in what I want to bring and why I need to bring whatever it is I need to bring. So here is what I am packing for my trip.

Messy eh? Some of them are gifts (the ones in the front for my little cousins) so a bunch of clothes are packed away… I’m just waiting for some clothes to dry to pack away… and my snacks as well…

Hate packing for trips because you never know what you are going to need and you have to be prepared… especially with Canadian weather. >.<

Anyways, I’ll be gone for about a week but have scheduled posts… beauty and stuff like that so I’ll technically be here but not physically typing out new stuff.