Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

27 Jul

A lasting creme foundation does it really last?

Review: I like the consistency of this foundation something between a solid creme and liquid foundation like lotion. Now this foundation states that it is long-lasting and since my skin is oily it could cause me to look like a oil slick at the end of the day. And well my face does end up like an oil slick if I didn’t use powder to set the foundation but the foundation does last for 12+ hours. Plus for those days where I am going everywhere my face to look fresh at the end of it. So this foundation does last long, coverage is medium and it has a really nice smell. There is a good shade selection but it could be difficult to decide because the foundation in the tube looks darker then when it is blended out on the skin.

Cost: $8.99CDN

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those looking for a long lasting foundation but be careful about selecting a shade.

3 Responses to “Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation”

  1. Nahnita July 27, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    I have used this same foundation, and I too have Oily skin. It worked okay for me as far as lasting a long time. But I bought a shade that was darker than what i needed. I went back to the store bought a lighter shade, which was too light! What I ended up doing was mixing the two different colors together in a small glass jar, and it turned into the exact shade that I needed. Sounds like a lot of work right? Well I had already spent my money and I really needed the foundation. I wish they would make this product for oily skin!

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