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Review: Bio-Oil

17 Jul

Remember this guy?

Three months have passed and it is review time! I did give this product plenty of time to work too. Short review though not much to say about this it’s either a you hate or love product.

Review: Bio-oil is formulated to be a ‘all-purpose healing oil’ that can help with the appearance of scars, uneven skin tone and stretch marks. I mainly used this product for the stretch mark and acne scars that I have on my face. Sad to say it didn’t work so well on my face as it did for my stretch marks. As for the uneven skin tone I have some but its not that visible so I couldn’t really keep tabs on that. But on stretch marks worked as a great reducer on how big and angry the scar looked.

Cost: $10 – 12 range for 60mL

Would I recommend this product? Other than being disappointed in the reducing acne scars portion I think this is great for stretch marks and when I’m pregnant I’ll make sure to pick some more of this up because it really did reduce the size and the stark white color toned down a bit where it didn’t look strange against my other normal yellow asian skintone.