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New Headphones + Upcoming

12 Jul

Hey everyone! I wanted to show my new headphones. I have been searching for good headphones that weren’t like HUGE! or made me look like a gang member or a DJ (I would love to look like a DJ but then it’d end up with me looking like a gang member O.O).

Asked around and got these JVC headphones pretty comfy (sleeping with them is a definate no no) and it folds flat too which is great for storage. The sound quality is great it was way beyond what I expected out of $30 headphones. I’m hearing sounds that I never knew the songs I listened to had. Amazing!


Man in the second pic I look like something out of a commercial! Ahaha.

Updates that are coming soon = many things beauty related. I have an upcoming haul (beauty bargains are at an all time high this week) and loads of reviews coming up. Also, working on a beauty project as well. Until next time!