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Fat Season?

9 Jul

Everyday I question things and today I realized that I have gained weight… O.O

And shockingly… FAT!!! O.o NOOO!!!! (as stated in my mind… not out loud I promise).

This discovery leads me to question do you gain more fat/weight in the summertime or the wintertime?

For me I think I gain more weight in the summer than winter because in summer it’s sooo hot that I don’t want to exercise to keep my figure (I like to exercise outside not the sissy indoor stuff like gyms). While in Winter I find myself involuntarily dropping weight because of school and attempting to keep myself warm (that requires a lot of clothes and fat energy). True it could be said the other way around but I find that my weight is like this.

What about everyone else?


(I’m FAT?!?!?!?!?!)