Rocking 2: T-ara

30 Jun

A secondary entry into this category… I should update it more often. But here is who I have been rocking to recently.

T-ara (Tiara however you want to pronounce it) the Absolute First Album. This is actually a pretty good album I couldn’t believed that I missed out on this when it first released in Dec 27, 2009. (O.O) Really missed out on it the first round.


1 One&One
2 처음처럼/Like The First Time
3 Bo Peep Bo Peep
4 Tic Tic Toc
5 Bye Bye
6 Apple Is A
7 Falling U
8 Say Good Bye
9 Lies (Dance Ver.)
10 T.T.L (Time To Love)
11 Lies (Slow Ver.)
12 TTL Listen.2
13 Good Person
14 Wanna Play?

Favourites from this album is Falling U and Good Person… I question why I like ballads so much. (^_^)

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