It’s me!

29 Jun

I realized that I haven’t posted anything with my face on it… strange… I did that very very often. But here we go! Check out my face!

Yeek! I look so pink!! Like the shirt? Heh….

Just a quick update from me. I’m almost done the STEP program for my job just a few more weeks left then I am absolutely free!

From  the picture you can tell that my skin isn’t acting up and such but it’s pretty red due to the nature of the medication (peel the skin peel!). My scars are slowly going away (hooray!) and the pores are actually shrinking as well. Exfoliation is the key!

Putting this out there but there is going to be a bunch of beauty posts next and then I’m going away for vacation on the first week of Aug I believe… but yeah! This update was short but sweet.

*Note to self: Find the video camera to start filming Youtube videos.


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