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Bring back the Wonder

16 May

The Wonder Girls are officially back with a new single called 2 Different Tears. They released 3 different versions of the song. 1 in English, 1 in Korean, and 1 in Chinese (Mandarin). Out of the three I liked the English one the best so I’ll put the MV here:

Support the girls and buy their album on iTumes!

Which animated character are you similar to?

16 May

I have to admit people have been putting me and this character on the same page for a while. And it’s:


People say I remind them of Spongebob mainly because we are just so happy and cheerful and full of energy all the time! Man, it sucks to be all hyper all the time though. Meh, I’ve gotten used to it I suppose.

So let me ask you:

Which animated character are you similar to?