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Reaching You…

7 May

One of my favourite mangas that I am reading right now… put on geek mode and for those who aren’t interested in manga I suggest that you wait until the next post. ^_^

The title of the manga is called Kimi ni Todoke or Reaching You.

The main characters:

This story is very stereotypical of the protagonist being a gloomy dark kind of girl who has no friends and is often misunderstood. A guy likes her and is always trying to look out for her and due to her interaction with him she befriends other people and eventually the storyline will lead us the the guy and girl confessing and dating from their.

What makes this type of story stand out from the rest is the character development of the characters in this manga. Karuho Shiina (the mangaka/artist+author) makes the characters very endearing, there is no dark side (or so it isn’t revealed yet) and there is always a pure innocent air throughout the manga. Even though there are some “bad/negative” characters they are portrayed as also human (which I think is great).

What lead me to continue reading the story is because the characters very much appeal and peak my interest in how the storyline is going to continue.

I would really recommend people to read this because it is really one of those unique endearing mangas that do have a lot of substance if you look past the obvious plot.