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2 Apr

Scared of the dark? There’s a phobia for that. Scared of people? There’s a phobia for that. Basically anything that you can think of there is a phobia for.

Phobias are usually brought on by a tramatic experience with the object that you are scared of.

Take me for example, I am scared of:

Yeah, I think a lot of people are scared of these things. Worst part is that my family doesn’t support the fact that I’m scared of these things. When I see one of these things I get all anxious and start to not breathe and my blood runs cold… if that is even possible.

I’m making this post mainly because I had to reencounter these due to blood tests. My family gets blood and urine tests every year so its no new surprise but every year the lab technician will always have difficulty trying to pull my blood out and the one who ends up suffering is me. I never used to be afraid of needles but after that one traumatic experience about 6 years ago… so scared of them. I’ve learned to deal with them by looking away or trying to imagine a peaceful place but in the end I still feel like its a painful experience.

When the lab technicians try to bring out the blood they tend to scoop in the vein to try to coax the blood to come out… little do they know that you can actually feel the thing moving inside your arm. That feeling = very traumatising and they just don’t do it once they do it three times. Hate, hate, hate needles.

Yeah, today was a blood test too… it’s going to take me a while to heal up. I have such thick blood… anyone want to give me some suggestions on how to thin out my blood?