Review: LUSH Grease Lightning

21 Feb

So this is my first review on this blog and I will be doing more of these reviews after I’ve spent a good amount of time on the products. There will mainly be beauty products like mascara, foundation, powders, blushes, and skincare items and sometimes maybe a home product like candles or bath items.

This is a review on LUSH Grease Lightning Acne Spot Treatment gel.

Just as a background I have oily/combination skin that is very acne-prone so I thought that this product would work best for me as a spot treatment.

As stated on the website:

” The UK LUSH shop managers and the manufacturing team were challenged to come up with a new product idea. The winning team came up with this super effective tea tree, rosemary and witch hazel gel, a spot cleanser for acne-prone skin. Dab on a tiny bit (with a clean finger) of this wonderful gel and you’ll feel it working straight away. Use it on one spot or many and watch them shrivel up and retire. Go Greased Lightning! ”

Here’s what it looks like.

Review: I mentioned this product in one of my earlier post as a good go to natural alternative to the harsh acne spot treatments on the market. When I first tried it I noticed a difference in my skin and it was great but after about 2 weeks the product began to not really have an effect on my skin. I don’t know if it was my skin getting used to the product but now the product does nothing for my skin.

Cost: $9.95CDN

Would I recommend this product? I would not recommend this product for people who have mild acne like me but for those who have severe or even cystic acne it will help a reduce a lot of the redness.

9 Responses to “Review: LUSH Grease Lightning”

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