Popcorn Love

12 Feb

Pretty good day today… everyone loved the Soba that my group prepared for everyone! Hooray I’m a good cook! It is basically a party day today… gotta make sure that I don’t gain any weight from all this splurge eating. At least now it is Reading Week. A whole week off of school! So much to do so little time! Gotta make a list but to celebrate the week-long break I decided to celebrate with popcorn and not just any kind of popcorn… MINI POPCORN!


Yummy stuff!! I discovered these minis while flipping through the new Blue Menu book thingie at Superstore. Man, they are really yummy and proportioned out really good! Only 100 Calories per bag better than the larger one pictured above which is about 250 Calories per bag. Though from now on I think I will still be getting both kinds because I mean the smaller ones will  be for me and the larger ones I will definately share with the rest of my family. I love popcorn.

So that will be it for today, I am going to karate class later on today and then going to go over to my aunts house to celebrate the new year. Hooray Lunar New Years!

4 Responses to “Popcorn Love”

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